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"Hotel Quality!"


"This is exactly what I was looking for. When I travel to hotels they always have lights have a larger room light and a smaller reading light. I love this and went in search for one. What I love about this is that it's hard wired. I didn’t want a dangling cord"

- William Scott

"Angle Preferences!"


"Bought two and loved them so much that I bought two more! They can be rotated from side to side! With the wood finish, they look great--more attractive than most of this type. With this discounted price, these are well worth it. I'm very happy with them! Live chat is very responsive too, and shipping was fast!"

- Matt kilgore

"Reading Light Efficiency!"


"These new Dimmable lamps are mounted on the wall to each side of the queen-size bed at its head. Another LED lamp is alongside a large chair in the same room. The three lamps use far less energy than the older lights i had in the room. Now I can turn on the LED lamps, read a book at the chair while my spouse sleeps uninterrupted by the lamps."

- Lynwood Jackson

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