Battery Tester, Test In Seconds


* Multi-level fixed battery card slot for battery measurement of various specifications.

Battery Tester, Test In Seconds

* measurable battery types: various button batteries, 5, 7, 9V square batteries, rechargeable batteries, etc.

* Function: It can be measured whether the battery is full or not. The color of the indication indicator is as follows.

*Package: card

Many electrical appliances have different requirements for starting the battery. Although many batteries cannot be used to drive A appliances, in fact, there are still a half of the power in the battery. It can be used in B appliances. The battery tester can detect the No. 5 and No. 7 batteries at any time, including the presence or absence of electricity, and the amount of power, thus completely avoiding wasting the battery.

*Weight: 51g

Weight 71.0 g
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