Biscuit/Cookie Maker


  • EUR: € 45
  • GBP: £39
  • AUD: 74$
  • CAD: 66$
  • SAR: ﷼187

Enjoy making biscuits for your family or kids, a very useful tool that cuts time more than half!


Biscuit/Cookie Maker 2


  • Now you can make a biscuit or cookie without hurting your hand by rolling or cutting dough. Easily insert the dough in the maker tool and press to extrude the shaped dough straight to the baking sheet! Choose what shape of mold you want your cookie to look like, 13 various molds are provided to match any occasion.
  • Enjoy a flawlessly homemade cookie/biscuit in just minutes.

Biscuit/Cookie Maker 7

  • Made with a special handle for a comfortable grip and great squeezing action to make baking simple and fun.

Biscuit/Cookie Maker 7

  • Using this saves you from piping bags, the 8 nozzles will help you create consistent straws and you’ll be able to decorate your biscuits/cookies as you like.

Biscuit/Cookie Maker 1


Package Includes:
  • 1x Biscuit/Cookie Maker
  • 8x Nozzles
  • 13x Molds
Weight 351.0 g
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