Creative Wooden Glass Bottle Plant Vase


  • EUR: € 23
  • GBP: £19
  • AUD: 37$
  • CAD: 33$
  • SAR: ﷼94



Features: simple, elegant and versatile. The lines are soft, transparent, smooth and sleek, and the simple water features are decorated to decorate your home life.

Wine bottle design, DIY planter with miniature vases in the form of light bulbs on wooden shelves. The surface is smooth and breathable.

The glass container is made of high-quality transparent glass and wooden supports to make your plants look more beautiful.  



Style: simple
Hanging form: Decoration
Category: Vase
Material type: glass


Package included:

Wooden shelf vase*1



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Weight 140.0 g
Dimensions 300 × 250 × 140 mm

Section C, Section B, Section A

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