Handy Leaf Stripper


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Prepare your herbal leaves faster! Spend more time with the family.


Leaf Stripper 9

Cutting herbs leaves not only takes time, but it is also meticulous! When you should spend time with your family on a day off, you get stuck in the kitchen because the coriander is not ready. So much time wasted.
Well, no more! This Herb Stripper effortlessly removes herbal leaves by cutting food preparation in half!

ChefMate Herb Stripper 1 large

  • REMOVE SHEETS IN SECONDS: Insert the stem into the correct hole and pull. That’s it! It’s so easy you can even let your kids keep up.
  • 8 HOLE SIZES: From kale to mint to rosemary to everything else, this Handy Leaf Stripper protects you. It also works with herbs, as in pairs.
  • BENDED EDGE: Safely chop leaves or stems with these curved edges.
  • EASY WASH EASY STORE: Wash it instantly and store it anywhere!

Package Includes:

1x Handy Leaf Stripper

Weight 37.0 g

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