Knife Sharpener & 1 Free Extra Replacement

$69.98 $25.95

  • EUR: € 24
  • GBP: £20
  • AUD: 38$
  • CAD: 34$
  • SAR: ﷼97


Straighten and restore the v-shape of your knife

Convert your dull knife into a razor-sharp knife!


Knife Sharpener


Make your knife razor sharp & reduce the processing time.

How Knife is Sharp?!


Removable sharpening head for easy cleaning.

easy to clean attachment


Get this Sharpening Head for FREE!

Free Extra Replacement


Equipped with a 3 stage system grind blunt knives efficiently and quickly!

Knife Sharpener


Non-slip and ergonomically designed to provide a secure and comfortable grip.Knife Sharpener 6

Built to last, not like traditional sharpeners that tend to rust over time, this will remain effective use after use.

Knife Sharpener 3


Package Includes:

1 set – Knife sharpener + sharpening replacement head.

Weight 162.0 g

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