Lemon Sprayer


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  • GBP: £15
  • AUD: 30$
  • CAD: 27$
  • SAR: ﷼75

Do you need a lemon flavor on your meal?! Perhaps other fruit flavors?!


Lemon Sprayer 5

Flavor your soft drinks and cocktails or season your salads, seafood, or other recipes with a light mist of fresh citrus.

Lemon Sprayer 2

How to use:

  • Cut a small piece from the peel of the fruit, slightly off center from the stem, about ½ the size of the screw portion of the sprayer.

Lemon Sprayer 4

  • Screw the pointed threaded end down into the fruit. The silicone ring should cover the insert area of the fruit so the juice will not leak out.

Lemon Sprayer 3

  • Squeeze the fruit gently to fill the sprayer’s filter. Press sprayer head to release a mist of juice.

Lemon Sprayer 1

Package Includes:

1x Lemon Sprayer

Weight 51.0 g
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