Mini Compact Umbrella

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Mini Compact Umbrella

Is it difficult to bring along a bulky umbrella on your daily commute to work? This great mini pocket umbrella will make your life easier!

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Umbrellas are notoriously unreliable. Who hasn’t had to wrestle an inside-out umbrella in the middle of a downpour?

Since most of us want to travel light, you want to make sure to carry protective gear that won’t add much to all the things you already are bringing along. You need an umbrella that is compact but without sacrificing coverage.

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This pocket umbrella is perfect for rainy days.

Enjoy this umbrella 365 days a year, in rain or shine! Thanks to its effective rain-repelling fabric, raindrops slide off the umbrella rapidly without leaking through.

pocketumbrella5 largeThe canopy will keep dry easily by shaking off the raindrops to ensure a longer life. While in the harsh sunny days, the highly intensive black vinyl coating fully blocks heat and harsh UV rays. Light transmittance is ‘0’. Therefore, you will feel cooler in the hot sun.

The high-tech coating prevents 95% of UV, which makes your healthy skin fall in love with it, too.

This incredibly convenient umbrella fits in literally any compartment, from a handbag or clutch to your pants pocket.

Keep it with you always—never be caught without an umbrella again.

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Product Includes:

1x Mini Compact Umbrella

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