Needle Insertion Tool For Sewing Machine


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No more headache, now inserting the thread to the needle in just one second, seriously!
As well as inserting the needle to the sewing machine is very simple too.
Needle Insertion Tool For Sewing Machine
No need for practicing insertion of the thread to the needle, even worse if it is a small needle!
Needle insertion tool Easy Attached
As you may know, the traditional way of inserting the thread is by licking it so that it straightens it a bit, BUT the downside of this method is that it will decrease the quality of the thread itself especially if you are doing professional sewing, the last thing you won’t want to happen is bad quality sewing after all that efforts.
Needle insertion tool Easy insertion
Easy to use and safer.
Needle insertion tool Steps
Needle insertion tool Closeup

Package Includes: 

1x Needle Insertion Tool For Sewing Machine
Weight 20.0 g


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